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Bogotá Writers

I believe that if you find the correct group of people – those who share your same interests with passion – then, whether it be a hobby, business project or whatever, things begin to happen. If you will allow, dear reader, let me tell you the story of “Bogotá Writers”.

The Bogotá Writers creative writing group was founded in 2011 at Authors Bookstore. Since that year the group has been meeting fortnightly, apart from the occasional scheduled rest period. Its members are of a variety of ages, professions and nationalities but their love for literature and writing is their common ground. In each session they discuss one or two short stories produced by group members, plus a creative writing exercise that is always proposed by a different participant.

By the first quarter of 2013 the group had produced a number of short stories when Tom Moffat, a founding member from the UK, decided to relocate to New Zealand. His move prompted the group to decide that this was time to self-publish their first book. So the publishing process machinery started up and within a couple of months “Authors from Authors – A Short Story Collection” came off the presses.

When interviewed about the book and its twelve short stories, Moffat said that this was a compilation that included many genres and settings and the only thing in common to all was that “the stories have each been discussed by the group over a glass of wine”.

One of the nicest things about the group is that working together over the years it has morphed for the better, and all of its members have improved their English as well as their writing skills. At the beginning of this year, 2014, the group adopted the name: “Bogotá Writers” – implying a change from a group of people still honing their skills to actually becoming a writers’ collective.

After last year’s ground-breaking launch of their first book at Authors Bookstore in Bogotá, they are now published on the Amazon platform, with the firm intention of making themselves known to readers all around the globe. Following this, and an important planning session in January, they are now working on their second book of short stories.
Besides their periodic meetings, the group has other projects in mind to involve more people that might be interested in writing and reading in Engish.

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Juan Manuel Rodríguez B