A happy face for an ugly day

A happy face for an ugly day

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When you think you are already the lost brother of Steve Jobs and begin to understand the technology as part of your life, when everything happens in your life through meetings organized in google docs, when you do not use Skype and just do YouNow because is fancy, that day, the black god hidden in technological advances says, “Nop, keep trying…”

Any day while I was spending some time in Europe, I got up early to get to my job and so I could advance a project, that made it possible from the hotel, was impossible because the Wi-Fi there, (by the way, is it very difficult for hotels to have a Wi-Fi that works well? Having bad Wi-Fi is part of the hotel tradition? Sorry, I had to vent it).

Previously, I had asked my boss to lend me the keys to the office in order to get there before all. The Latino, as good Latino, thought that if the entrance was at 8am, arriving at 7 for the Dutch was too early and when I told my boss, he said yes with a slight smile and gave me the key without any problems. At that time, I didn’t understand that smile, but the next day I would find out and in a big time.

I must say something briefly that noticed the day before, that caused me curious: when Tony (my boss) gave me the key, he said the following words: “I hope the life smiles to you and you can open the doors that you need.”… I thought that that was very nice and I said to him thank you.

In the first second when I arrived at the office, I realized my first truth: europeans do not sleep, the smile off his head when I said I was going to get there early, it was because they always arrive early. The second and more curious was a technological thing that opened my eyes to so basic technology and yet so modern that made me spend a particular penalty. The key that he gives me a day earlier, had a small display; the display functions as a meter of which doors can open that same key. So a sad face appears on the display when the door function doesn’t match with the key; on the opposite, if a happy face appear you can open the door without any difficulty.

Do you remember the phrase: ” I hope the life smiles to you and you can open the doors that you need “? well, was because there was a possibility that the day before, they could change the function of the door and the key could be obsolete. Obviously the Murphy’s law appeared with his splendor and the password had been changed the night before and I just found sad faces.

At the end, when they saw my sad face, my cold and despair and after a few laughs by the new Latin guy using such technology, they opened the door.

Just remember, a smile, even with the most top notch technology, can open a thousand doors!


Author: Juan David Garzón
Twitter: @Juandescribe
juan david garzón