The blind spot between Obama and Pope Francis

The blind spot between Obama and Pope Francis

the blind spot between obama and pope francis


Let’s be clear; there hasn’t been a pope of the Catholic religion that has had more connection with liberalism, young ideas and with a “Rockstar” heart like Pope Francis. It’s like the Rev. Lovejoy (Rev. Alegría in Spanish) of the Simpsons but a little bit less yellow. Francis, from the day he took office, immediately connected with young people by surprise. His style to speak his mind has earned him a reputation for good/bad boy of Catholicism, therefore I imagine that the lost grandmothers who help priests at the church on Sunday, have posters of him in their room. The guy is good, charismatic and seeks a just society, anyone would say that Francis is the man to lead a possible world peace, but not, in fact, possible he would be the Yoko Ono in the “boyband” that wanted to build peace on earth. While Jesus is upstairs playing this Game of Thrones called humanity, the Jon Snow dedicated to create balance in the galaxy (ok, enough, too many geek references) would be with hands tied to a religion, which, although it has given hope to millions of people for thousands of years, has always been involved in issues … about actions and presumptions.

Another person who we would think may be suitable to lead the army of world peace would be a Nobel Peace Prize winner. This is a simple conclusion. Barack Obama, one of the presidents who have made history in the United States because his race and for being the only active American president with a Grammy (as far as I know he is the only one) would have the capacity to be the leader of the peace revolution. The guy is nice, intelligent, and in 2008 generated a movement in social networks at the same level as artists like Justin Bieber with his “Believers” and even got Castro to receive him in Cuba (and almost got a hug).

In search of world peace, global leaders are not fully qualified to be the head of the most important action that we as a planet must take. The blind spot among the most successful and recognized generational leaders is the key to find the balance that the global social situation required urgently. Perhaps, just perhaps, that point is in the place least expected to find it, perhaps, that place is in a spot where hope for peace was lost years ago and perhaps the people in that spot just should do their first movement… perhaps.


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Author: Juan David Garzón
Twitter: @Juandescribe
juan david garzón