The Olympic Hunger Games

The Olympic Hunger Games


Yes, football (not soccer, football as where the sport was born) is the most popular sport in Colombia. We’ve spent years delighted by plays (by Neymar), moves (by Messi), coaches that think are directives, directives who believe are coaches and a public that believes they are going to the stadiums to watch interactive wrestling (with opportunities to participate). Don’t get me wrong, I am among those who watch matches of unknown teams, but I think now is the best time (because in two months are the Olympic Games), to opening the sports section of the newspapers on things that do not say exclusively football; I mean at least for a couple of months.

We have received many more satisfactions of athletes who quietly work hard for the colors of the flag, to remain in the view of foreign people impressed for their level. It is well known that they are not as loud on television as Montoya, Pajón or James, but there are a significant number of athletes representing us equally well as the high-sounding surnames newscasters say excitedly. Not necessarily all have to go through farewells in the Presidents Palace, or brands announcing promotional packages of a product with their faces or extensive reports of private channels to see their efforts and to be valued equally…right?

We cannot devalue the work of our people who for different reasons, have to work twice as hard to bring victories to their homes. The price of glory seems every day is deserve for whom best looks on TV, but those here, those who are rising up every day to workout often without a hydrating drink like those in commercials with celebrities, do not think about the number of deficiencies that they have to practice their discipline, but yes in the number of people that will be happy with his win.

Sport is the best way that a society can find to build a better future; it is no coincidence that countries like the United States that with so many problems, are well aware that support for youth in a sporting activity significantly reduces the inconvenience of the misdirected paths, can generate to the society in the future.

The sport emotions come from unexpected triumphs, of battles won with dedication, strong efforts to the limit and constant training to reach a goal, and all these qualities are in trees in Colombia and we can export it every day in our country. We must support that hard work, regardless of the outcome, regardless of the sport, hunger has been spent to get there and giving priority to maximum effort.


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Author: Juan David Garzón
Twitter: @Juandescribe
juan david garzón