Michael Cudlitz

Michael Cudlitz

Courtesy: Mediática

El Clavo talked with Michael Cudlitz star of TNT’s show Southland about the premiere of the show, what has happened and what will come.

After being a cop in the show, and in several other shows. What’s your opinion of the challenges of the job?

I think any large city has extreme challenges, especially with technology that all the good guy and the bad guys have. I give a lot of respect to this men and women who do this job, who work in the rough communities and they are trying to enforce the laws and the thing is the people think there’s a right and wrong, and others don’t always agree socially with what’s going on with the law. And for this men and women who work in this communities and have to enforce everything is very harsh.

In America, Los Angeles, the city doesn’t has the best reputation, which makes it even harder, a lot of this forces are under budget and this men and women are asked to do amazing things with very little.

When you were preparing for season 1, what did you have to do to prepare for that role?

We did a lot of stuff, we did weapons training, we worked with a technical advisor, Chick Daniels, who is retired from the Los Angeles Police Department and worked in many different divisions. He and his wife put a really restraining program that involves firearms training, we did a bunch of ride-alongs with the LAPD and we did a lot of training for something called situation and stimulation. We had a situation that would happen or may happen in real life and then we were taught how to react for that situation whether it was violence or robbery or something “in progress”, we were actually taught how to handle this things and deal with this people in a way that we kept ourselves safe, and keep the public safe and then keep the victims and the suspect safe.

It was a lot of fun work. In real life the work is extremely serious but we had a blast.

Season 3 is about to premiere. Do you have any comments or spoilers?

There’s something that happens in the middle of the season that will just take everyone by surprise and has absolutely nothing to do with the relationship with me and Dan, it’s something that is rarely done on television and I think we do it really, really well. But I will not tell you what it is, you will be surprised though.

That being said, there’s a lot of interesting thing that happens, in the dynamic of the relationship of Dan and John, and you realize how as different as they are there’s a lot of human relation between them and there’s much more of a relationship between to male friends who have a lot going on their lives and is not just me training him and you realize how much they need each other.

What do you expect happens to your character?

Like everybody, I want him to find love. He needs to get a little bit more stability in his personal life and also at some point John has to do something about his back. He has to get that dealt with because if he’s not careful he’s gonna put himself in danger.