Three Star Trek Costumes

Three Star Trek Costumes


Por Andrés Meza

Through the years I have developed quite a fondness for fantasy and science fiction. While most of my friends seem more into classic super heroes or futuristic space operas such as Star Wars, my favourite have always been the Star Trek franchise in particular. This is the story of the costumes I wore in three different Halloweens.

The first one was back in the 90’s, as in past-century-nineties. Most attendants of that particular party were using the common undead’s outfit (after all, Halloween is supposed to be an opportunity to face our innermost fears) but they lacked the attitude that would make them believable. Others, in the contrary, were using their favourite archetype as a way to exorcise their demons, such as a friend, very shy at that time, who chose an elaborate costume of Ryoga (remember the unlucky warrior that turned into the cute piglet P-Chan in the anime
“Ranma ½”?) to represent his timidness. The afternoon before the party I modified in a hurry a mustard jumper with a rubbish bag and painted my face to represent Lieutenant Commander Data. However, when my sister concocted the paint, she used the wrong proportions (at that time I wouldn’t believed that my sister ended earning a PhD in biochemistry) and what was supposed to look like the pale skin of an android dried in my face so green that I looked much more like The Mask.

The second one was in the past decade. This time I did my homework. In a store in Bogotá I got a couple of goblin ears and a black wig.

Back home I made some adjustments to a blue jumper and voilá! With a hand-made Starfleet badge I successfully transformed into the Vulcan science officer of the USS Enterprise. The costume was so good that my doorman asked if I had permission of the owner to take out my own car! I attended a Halloween party where my costume was a discrete success but all the applauses went to an improvised costume of “bunch of grapes” that was essentially some violet balloons taped around a very drunk guy. However I got quite a reaction from people in the streets. That night I made the Vulcan  greeting gesture in pictures so many times that I lost count.

The third one was a couple of Halloweens ago. My friends and I decided to go as a group. For the occasion I shaved my head, wore grey eye contact lenses and donned an actual

Starfleet officer’s uniform, with four pins (the rank of captain) and a badge. This time, we looked like an away team visiting a planet remarkably similar to nowadays Earth. And let me tell you, a group of Starfleet officers is quite eye catching. My best friend and I participated in a costume contest at a club and thanks to the enthusiastic cheering of a gang of sci-fi fans we won as best couple.

It will not be easy to do best than the last time. However, I am getting more fluent with my Klingon by the day. So if you see a Klingon warrior in your next Halloween party, make a toast with a loud “Qapla’!” because he might be me.