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#ElClavoRe-Encauchado – #Storytelling: The podcast phenomenon



Por: Juan David Garzón.

The Radio has been company for decades of a lot people in the world. Marconi, more than a hundred years ago, brought a technological device to the planet that replaced realities, helped to end the solitude, informed news of people and even to be a member of more than millions of families. This box full of magic, revolutionized at the time the popular knowledge.

But like everything, radio has had an important transformation process over the years. frequency modulation (FM) and amplitude modulation (AM) were the spaces where thousands of people, with different levels of technology, found a new content. Gradually, the frequency modulation was gaining ground due to audio quality, the ease of electronic devices to capture their waves and the predilection of big stations. On the contrary, the amplitude modulation was losing ground because it didn’t have a great quality in its sound and it was more complex to tune a station.

Nowadays, countries like Norway have almost disappeared the FM (not to mention the AM) for the evolution of technology and content that were migrating to the digital, and to a format, which has become popular within all generations. We talked about the famous Podcast.

Podcast, is the definition for multimedia files that are distributed digitally, with informative attachments through the network. This format has become popular all over the world for several specific situations: They are present at the time that people require it, they contain top sound quality, they are distributed on many websites that are available at no cost (or commercial sponsorships).

And it is a phenomenon, because it united several generations around the radio content in a new format. Millennials, centennials, and all generations that were born or adjusted to the digital age, are consuming Podcast in different ways and from different authors.

The catchy thing about this trend is that there are the same number of creators as themes. But beware, for the industry and the quality of the content to remain, you have to have your ears open to know what a podcast really is and what is just digital content that is uploaded to the internet.

Podcasts must have three basic elements: Superior sound quality, an extension that lets you develop a theme, podcast knowledge of what they are talking about and a good distribution in the main applications. If you find those requirements, you can be assured that you are listening to a dedicated person with technical knowledge to provide an experience according to the requirements.

In Latin America the theme of the Podcast is developing strongly in Mexico, but Colombia has been pushing hard with new creators who make impressive content. The idea is that everyone has the opportunity to know this new way of listening content, which is not permeated with advertisements, that is not tied to an economic or political group. And to redefine that old radio premise: Entertain, inform and educate … We would attach another, inspire us.