Everybody Want’s It But Not Everybody Can Have It The Power The Power

Everybody Want’s It But Not Everybody Can Have It The Power The Power


Power is probably one of the few things the human heart truly aspires for. When you have power, you can open doors you would never expect to.

Power is a word that encloses all sorts of meanings. It is strongly related to money possession or having a relevant last name. But today, I don’t want to talk about that kind of power because honestly, I am tired of bitching about how unfair it is to live in a society where only a few can enjoy the material delights of being born in a rich family.

When I mean power, I mean the power of being able to dominate and have others think the same way you do. The power of manipulation; the power to change others’ mindset about the way they are, the way they look, and the way they live. That, in my opinion, is the greatest power ever known.

I guess Hitler was not rich and he didn’t have the right family lineage, but his words and ideas were capable of changing the face of war and history forever.

On a daily basis we are told at home, at church, at work, on the mall´s ads that we are not good enough as we are. The saddest part is that we end up believing that bullcrap because we gave society and the media the power to convince us that what they say is the truth.

How about we start retaking our power of decision? What if we decide that we are in control and that whatever it takes, we are going to make it through? How about if we empower ourselves with self-love and self-esteem? How about if we become strong in a way in which we lift people up rather than put them down?

Even if you are not the equivalent of a Colombian Kennedy, stop thinking that power is something that everybody wants but not everybody can have.

I know it sounds like a boring cliché, but the power to decide who you want to be is in you. You are not a robot and you can choose! So choose to enjoy the stinky bus ride (with the exception of MIO. You are allowed to hate MIO in every way, shape and form), choose to enjoy your punk ass boss, choose to enjoy your 10 extra kilograms, choose not to let people tag you and define you.

It took me almost 31 years to understand that we are great just the way we are because the power of choice is the only one nobody can take away from us unless we decide otherwise.