‘Free-dón’: When it’s not free and it’s not a gift

‘Free-dón’: When it’s not free and it’s not a gift


We all have an X factor that makes us different. Some of them, that factor leads them to be great sports figures with their motor skills, geniuses of mathematics and science by their cognitive abilities, artists, riders, lawyers, social workers, or top models according of the world standard concept of beauty (which is not bad, beauty in magazines, television and the media in general, is simply a business model).

All those differentiating qualities, make that the earth has the necessary diversity to within the capabilities of each, we can live personal emotions in search of our own success; this internal battle that consciously or unconsciously we all have for that this story will not become like such a boring movie or a Russian soap opera (Do you imagine a Russian soap opera? zzz).

“Minorities in Colombia have always suffered from the stigma of society, who cannot accept what is different … they just can’t.”

All this is a great contribution to diversity, but ironically, the same society has never been ready to see the differences as part of the game of life and not as a “glitch” in the Matrix. It’s just see in the simplest environment as it is a school where the skinnier or fatter children are removed or bullied for being different, or maybe for being intelligent and dedicated…any case for being different.

Minorities in Colombia have always suffered from the stigma of society, who cannot accept what is different … they just can’t. Native communities that don’t show more than the roots of what we are today, LGBTI communities with each parade or things like that, teach the world what is love in its basic expression, or Afro groups that teach us the capacity of an strong race, are some of the examples ironically, are regarded underhand for being different, to be sundry.

In Medellin the first seminar for Journalism diversity was held in June of this year as part of the social initiative that the world should consider to have fairer societies and referring to minority groups. It was important to know that the views of people living with society against, always have a tinge of inclusion in his words and not exclusion. Nationals and internationals, were able to show to the audience (those that do not become part of a minority and are most of the time the most discriminators directly and indirectly) that through diversity we can build an environment that embraces difference as part of a natural process of life.

Colombia MUST to think better spaces for diversity. Best environments to new generations that are more and more different of those experienced by parents and grandparents who need an understanding from the ideal scenario, but mostly from acceptance to the difference as a way to build identity of country and gender identity. Identity as human beings with pros and cons.


Juan David Garzón


Juan David Garzón

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