From dancing Gangnam Style to stealth driving

From dancing Gangnam Style to stealth driving

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If you are an officer of the transit authorities or law enforcement, don’t read beyond this point because it is just a work of fiction of absolutely no interest for you. Since you are still reading, it means you don’t work for the motor vehicles department, right? Then I am telling you how my first days driving were.

At the time I picked up my new car I had no driver’s license, so I asked a workmate to drive me home. He got off three blocks before my destination and I continued on my own. Blushing because I could not start the engine right away, I shifted to first gear and headed home. When I climbed the driveway, the doorman assigned me the first space available, just at the door, and told me to park in reverse. In my head I cursed him. It took a while since half my neighbours decided to get in or out the parking lot at that exact time and when they passed by my side they asked if I was stranded or something. No, dear neighbours, I was just waiting for you to pass so I have enough room to maneuver! When I finally parked, I got out of the car so relieved that I almost danced Gangnam Style on my way to my flat and never turned back.

When I got my driver’s license I saw that I had parked awfully, occupying two spaces. And the whole neighbourhood had six days to see it. Anyway, I went down the driveway and stopped at a red traffic light. When it changed to green, I released the cIutch, hit the accelerator and the car… turned off. To the irritation of the drivers behind me in the lane, the light switched between green and red at least three times until I realised the problem. It turned out that I forgot to release completely the parking brake, so the car could move due to the impulse from up the parking lot, but once it stopped the engine had not enough power to overcome the brake.

The next day, I was driving in the left lane when, out of the blue, a car came fast from my right, passed in front of me, and took an exit at my left with no turn signal at all. When this reckless invader stopped short at my front bumper in order to take the exit, I panicked. I tried to turn right slightly to avoid crashing, but at that speed (about 25 mph) it was a big deal, especially for the driver behind me at the right lane. I can tell because she made a big effort to pass by my side and yell “You, animal!”, while her passenger gave me the finger through her window.

The next days I just had small oversights. For example, in the parking lot at work you need to unfasten your seat belt to reach the ID card reader and turn off the lights (so the camera can read your plate and check the match with your ID card). Sometimes I forgot to fasten back the seat belt or to turn on the lights after 6:00 pm. I realised my mistake few blocks later, but in the meanwhile I must have looked like a stealth driver, right?