Hellow Reality, you are a Bitch!

Hellow Reality, you are a Bitch!


When I was asked to write this short  article for “El Clavo”, i hag a “writer’s block” for the first time ever. On this ocassion, the topic question “Who Doesn’t?” seemed piece of cake to me. Then, I sat in front of my computer and “boom!” I couldn’t write a single statement. This, my dear readers, is called reality: when you think you are really good at something or when you think that you have made it, along comes reality to rub in your face that you have to keep pushing yourself every day to be better and to not fall behind.

The first time I had to face reality I was five. I thought I was awesome at singing and dancing and that I had great talent for it. I was always told on Mexican soap operas and Disney movies that I could be whatever I wanted to be! Wrong. My voice was not that high and my feet didn’t have an arch so I couldn’t become a singer or a prima ballerina. However, I am happy and beyond now because I love food and booze and my artistic career wouldn’t have allowed me to eat or drink like a sailor.

Then, when I was fourteen, I was on Life went on, and disappointments were the school bus on my way home and saw the coolest car. I said: “I would love to have one of those when I am older”. Again, reality hit me on the face when one of my bus partners started laughing at me as if I had said the most hilarious joke on Earth. She said something like “Yeah right. Could you be more stupid?” Sigh…again, reality. (I knew my parents hadn’t the money to buy me one). On the bright side though, apparently she got pregnant by a drug dealer when she was twenty-something. She got the nice car I wanted, but I kept my dignity.

Life went on, and disappointments were on the daily menu. I started questioning myself a lot and bitching about everything a lot as well.Was it too hard to ask for a perfect life with ponies and rainbows? Who doesn’t want to have the perfect family, the perfect boyfriend, the perfect friends, or the prefect body? Everyone! But reality always comes to do a check.

Stop comparing your life with others’ and do something productive to change it. There is nothing wrong with having goals, but it is good to keep your feet on the ground. The first step is to realize that you are good at something and make the best of it. There will be bumps on the road and challenges, but you will be more prepared to overcome them. If we apply this simple rule, be certain that even though reality is a bitch, we will definitely know how to deal with it, and kick ass.