I am Sorry, How Much?

I am Sorry, How Much?

Fotografía: Alvar Agency

Despite the fact that I am a little bit of a tomboy, I was going through my closet the other day and felt the enormous need of buying a new outfit (come on, I am a woman with needs and no one can blame me for that!).

            So, after three years of buying really good fashion finds abroad, I decided to ask a friend of mine, who is sort of into fashion, about where I could buy nice trendy shirts and jeans.

            “I am sorry, how much? Are you kidding me? I used to buy shirts of that very same brand for only ten bucks!” I was staring at my friend in total disbelief and, of course, he was staring back at me like thinking that I was some sort of close-fisted person. “Well, hello, but it is “Hollister”, duh! What do you expect? Like you are not buying a t-shirt from “El Exito”, I mean it is high quality, right?” I gave him a crooked smile, and then I just decided to unveil the truth about these horrendously expensive brands.

            Well, I apologize if I disappoint you or if I am probably breaking your “wanna-be” hearts but those shirts with the huge characters that you so proudly wear in order to show the entire world how well dressed you are, are nothing but the mere leftovers that are left in North-American stores and nobody wants to buy. Oh, and for the record, those “high fashion” t-shirts are designed to last one season and not forever; hence, if you think that you are buying a good quality product, you are wrong again.

            It was really discouraging to find out that a small piece of clothing that used to cost me between ten or twelve dollars could cost me around seventy or more here. I mean, I love fashion and I am not against the desire of looking good but in an economy like ours, is it really worth it to wear something so expensive when a family in need could buy groceries for two weeks with that money?

            Think about it. In our nation we have really good brands that are not that pricey and the best part of it is that when you read the labels they say “made in Colombia”. We do also have outlet malls for those like me who like brands but are not willing to spend half of their salary just for the sake of pretending.

            You can look like a fashionista on a low budget if that is what you want. Get noticed because of who you are and not because of a silly trade mark. Why would you spend thousands of pesos in just one pair of jeans if you have no money left to go out and show them to the public?

            I am going back to the days of old where I spent hours at “Unico” shopping and, even if my friends think I am cheap, I will keep on saying: Long live the outlet malls!