My Neighbor escaped from Alcatraz!

My Neighbor escaped from Alcatraz!


Pay to be put in jail is one of those things you do in life led by your geek heart and the desire to be where the story was. For those who don’t know (and welcome to earth) in United States there was a very famous prison called “Alcatraz” which in fact was closed in 1962. “The Rock” as he affectionately called it (and not by the Hollywood actor) is located on San Francisco Bay and is remembered for hosting the most dangerous gangsters of North America; including Al Capone.

While I was in San Francisco this year (and looking for plans) obviously I bought a ticket to take me from there to the rock and to take the tour over there. I’m not going to tell you what you can find there (by the way is terrific!), but the funny thing was what happened in the middle of it; in an instant the most silent, cold and bloody prison in the world, called me specifically to a jail cell and in that moment I realized that it was no coincidence of why I was there.

The jail cell was of one of the four prisoners of Alcatraz remembered for being the only group of convicts who mocked the world’s safest prison system and escaped from the island. The story of these four prisoners is that so far they (the government) have never been able to find them (them or their bodies) and the nearest theory is that by freezing temperatures and the dangerous Pacific Ocean, they were devoured by the weather or the sharks.

While the speaker of the audio tour was telling me that story, I carefully looked all objects who were there (looking for the reason of my knock of course). I felt that something somewhere was staring at me, but I couldn’t find it.

Disappointed because I found nothing to justify my heavenly call, the audio tour gives a curious fact that prisoners who escaped were really educated people and were learning to speak Spanish. THERE, at that moment, as when the prettiest girl in the room looked at you intently, I made eye contact with the most special book in the library!

Well The truth is that was an old, simple and antique book, but in the cover had something very special: The Coltejer building of Medellin.

I immediately I took the picture and went to the end of the tour to tell the guide my story and my most amazing discovery. With much disbelief in my words and without having the slightest idea of what I was talking about, he told me the second version that has them on the four prisoners; they may have survived and took advantage of the cargo ships on the Pacific to escape to Latin America. And finally with sarcastic tone he said, “They could be in your country then.”

The days passed and I am convinced that my paranoia post Alcatraz is affecting me ‘cause I think my neighbor is one of them: Bad Spanish, is stubborn and arrives every day with red-stained apron.

Friends say it’s because the guy is painter, hear the song “El Taxi” all day (the reason why I do not understand what he says), has eighty and lives alone. Tell me crazy, I do not believe them.


Escrito por Juan David Garzón  @Juandescribe