Storytelling: You Sinner

Storytelling: You Sinner


A couple days ago, I found myself watching for the 30th time “The Devil´s Advocate”. I particularly paid a lot of attention to Al Pacino’s monologue on God and how He created us along with sin. I don’t recall his exact words, but he said something like this: “He created you and all things on Earth but He just wants you to be an observer of His creation. You can look but you can’t touch. You can touch but you can’t taste. You can taste and then go to hell.” In sum, everything we do is forbidden, hence it is a sin, hence we are guilty, and hence we are totally doomed.

I find amusing (and scary at the same time) that being the “crown of creation”, as the Christian/ Catholic Bible names us, comes along with such a responsibility. Being “holy” is a hard job; an impossible task that in our human condition we can’t accomplish.

I sin, every single day of my life. I don’t kill people and I don’t steal, but I lie, I love to eat, I drink alcohol, I have had premarital intercourse, I feel envy, I am a judgemental bitch, I got divorced and married again, and the list of my sins can go on, and on, and on! Am I ashamed of my sins? Hell, no! I have made choices I regret, but they were the ones that shaped me and that turned me into a more introspective and self-confident woman!

Unfortunately, sin has been massively manipulated into a psychological weapon: the weapon of fear, guilt, and regret. I have come to understand that this is the success of all religions:
Make people to feel like they don’t deserve God’s love due to their behavior, and you will have power and control over their minds and their hearts.

It is sad but true. Now, I am not saying that we should live a life without any morals or values; I am just saying that believing in a superior being (Buddah, Allah, Jehovah, Shiva, Goku, Chuck Norris, Tom Cruise, Jesus, etc.), and follow His teachings should come from the heart, not out of fear.

So yeah, I am a sinner, just like everyone else is. I am a spiritual being trapped in my own flesh. However, I sustain my position that we came to this Earth to live and learn from our experiences, not to be praying and crying out for forgiveness and mercy 24/7 because we are horrible and don’t deserve it. We don’t live in a perfect bubble of holiness; we live in a cruel world.

It is our choices what define us, not the amount of sins we sin on a daily basis. It is our capacity to evaluate our course of action and assume its consequences what make us better. It is being aware that we are free and that being afraid of disappointing a deity will only make us feel miserable and unworthy. It’s too bad for me if I disappointed God. What do you think? You sinner!