Summer Romance

Summer Romance

Ilustration: Leonardo Arias

A trip to Paradise

Have you ever seen those Hollywood movies where two beautiful people have the perfect summer romance on a Caribbean beach, under clear blue skies and an even bluer ocean? Where the girl is kissed under the moonlight while she is barefoot and her toes are buried in the sand?

Like all of you who are nodding while reading, I have seen them too. And as a girl I’ve sighed and wished it would happen to me too. Then, when I was about 20 and had gotten over my teenage daydreaming state, I realized (with a lot of pain) that it only happened in movies.

I mean, seriously. If most of us tried it (the kissing on the beach part) the wind would probably shift directions and we would be “hair-slapped”, or it would start pouring rain. Why? Well, because that’s life and no one ever said it was fair.

At least that is what I thought. But recently I discovered that those movie-like moments can happen in real life. You might meet a foreign guy on a Caribbean beach while dancing around a bonfire. That person might ask you to dance; he’d talk with a funny yet sexy accent and convince you to take a walk along the beach, and like every Hollywood fan girl you’d say yes. Then, while your face is illuminated by the moonlight and the wind makes your hair fly in the right direction, you might have the most mind-blowing kiss you’ve ever had.

This amazing foreigner will walk you to your room, kiss you goodnight and make you go to bed (alone might I add) with the biggest smile ever.

Most of you skeptical people like me will say:ah, but it was a one night thing only. But you see, in Hollywood movies, they always run into each other the next day. And on this perfect movie-like summer romance, it will happen too.

He’ll see you and smile in a way that makes your insides melt. You’ll talk and you will realize that this awesome guy who kisses like a god can also make you laugh. That he can make you feel those butterflies people always mention when they like someone. And you’ll think: too good to be true, but… what the hell.

You’ll enjoy the time you spend with him, no matter how limited it is. And on the day you have to leave, you’ll realize you don’t want to say goodbye. That you fell in love, like every girl in the movies. But then, he will tell you something you never considered while you were 20 and ranting about how Hollywood movies are never real. He will tell you that those movies are based on real life, and like in the movies, there is always a chance. And that what you two have deserves a chance.

We all want that happy movie ending. And getting it with birds singing and people dancing is an almost impossible task. But maybe, if you are lucky enough, for one summer you can have your movie moment and fall in love like you only see in the movies. But what then?Well, Then it is up to you. That is the real life part, not the movie.