Tiny Little Critters

Tiny Little Critters

Storytelling 69 - Juliana López

Have you ever heard the so damn cliché sentence which states that “children are the future”? You surely have like a thousand times.

I love children, don’t get me wrong. In fact, I have been working as an elementary teacher since 2005 and believe it or not, I rock at it.

However, it is undeniable that children have a special gift: they can push your buttons to the point that you wish you could whip their butts just to teach them better. The reason is simple: a big number of today´s parents are driven out of guilt, and they think that good parenting means spoiling and compensating their kids by giving them anything they ask for.

On top of things, not only do children have questionable parents, but also they have access to an infinite number of gadgets and information that is turning them into conniving manipulative and over-stimulated critters. I remember when I played with Barbie Dolls and my dudes from the hood played soccer at age 12. Now ask a 12 year old what he/she is thinking, and I bet your jaw would drop open: reggaeton, wild parties at the so called “chiquitecas”, and electronics.

What is going on with childhood? No one has asked me but I prefer a child whose innocence is technically an act of imprudence: “Teacher Ana, why did you dye your hair? You looked prettier before”, “Teacher Ana, why do you like to wear converse shoes? Aren’t you a little bit too old for that?”, “Teacher Ana, are you 30? Wow! My mother is younger than you are!”, the list could go on forever.

Honestly, I would rather watch a kid eating boogers or telling his mother in front of everyone things like: “Mom, didn’t you say that my uncle Bob is an asshole?” or “Sorry sir, my mother says that she is not here right now” than listening to a ten year old saying that she can´t wait to turn 15 so her daddy can give her a boob job as a birthday present.

In sum, children are the most affected with our negligence. They are learning from what they see; they are copying our example; they are acting as we do, and it is time to assume our social responsibility because, seriously people, if children continue being raised like this, and they are the ones that are going to lead the future, then my friends we are screwed…big time.